domingo, 4 de octubre de 2009

Varios Artistas - Jamaican Memories

The Clarendonians - Take It Or Leave It
Roy Richards - Jamaican Memories
Nehemiah Reid - The Fiddler
Tommy McCook & The Supersonics - Orange Street
The Beacons - Taking Another Girl
The Soul Brothers - Sound And Music
Alton Ellis - A Fool
Tommy McCook - Moody Ska
Ernest Wilson & Freddie McGregor - Deep Down In My Heart
The Soul Brothers - Free Soul
Dawn Penn - Why Did You Lie
Neville Hinds - Soul Glide
Dermott Lynch - I've Got Your Number
Joe White - Try A Little Tenderness
The Wrigglers - Get Right
Dermott Lynch - You Went Away
Glen Brown & Joe White & Trevor Shield - Way Of Life
Karl Bryan & Lynn Taitt & The Jets - Way Of Life (Instrumental Version)
Dermott Lynch - I Can't Stand It (No More)
Joe White - I'm So Proud
Karl Bryan & Lynn Taitt & The Jets - I'm So Proud (Instrumental Version)
Dermott Lynch - Hot Shot
Nehemiah Reid - Great Surprise (Pound Get A Blow)
Glen Brown & Joe White Trevor - Pretty Girl
Dermott Lynch - Echo (Feel Like Crying)
The Wrigglers - If I Did Look
The Dynamics - My Friends
Dermott Lynch - I Love The Way You Are