domingo, 8 de noviembre de 2009

Lord Tanamo - Im in The Mood for Ska (The Best of)

Daddy-I Had A Dream-Come Down-I'm Holding On-You Belong To My Heart-Taller Than You Are-I Love You Truly-If You Were Only Mine-Night Food Ska-Iron Bar-Mattie Rag (Aka Ol' Matilda)-Mother's Love (Aka Mother's Choice)-I'm In The Mood For Love (Ska)-A Dash Of The Sunshine (Calypso Version)-Got To Have You Baby, Parts 1 & 2-China Man From Montego Bay-Yellow Bird-Island In The Sun-Jamaica Farewell-Shame & Scandal-Come Down Off Your Pomps & Pride-Rainy Night In Georgia-My Sweet Jamaica-Friends Will Let You Down-Old Fowl-A Dash Of The Sunshine (Reggae Version)


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